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Circuit training session

This kind of circuit training, with more or less heavy burden and different types of exercise to seek a maximum of muscle groups, allows the subject led to work on his strength, his resistance and finally draw the muscles without taking volume. The circuit training I would put at your disposal, will be rich and varied at each time, the dominant order to obtain the desired results in the target we’re set....

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Program for pregnant women

The benefits for your child to play sports during the great, are extremely important. Do not neglect the chances that you can give him before his birth in this world. Through this work post delivery, you will optimize the goods made the brain and the body of your baby. Of course, goods made to yourself as with the maintenance of adequate physical activity during pregnancy, the return to normal life will be much quicker. Wait a child does not mean you are sick! Also, the sport is the ideal solution to keep your level. With a specific job I will show you how to move safely for you and your child....

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Senior session

The secret of the movement is movement! The day when we can not move is that the mechanical problems begin to happen. It is therefore important to move with intelligence all muscle groups of the body. With suitable work, taking care of posture and joints, seniors must always keep moving. My experience and the many years that I sometimes play to you, allow senior citizens, whatever their age, feel quickly the benefits of the work. The goods will not be physical but also mental, of course....

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