Some important advice!

Some important advice!

1) Do not seek to entirely eliminate the consumption of fats. Every day it is essential to ensure the right amount of lipid intake. I recommend that you consume a spoonful of olive oil per day (olive and colza), two portions of oily fish and avocado per week, and a daily portion of ten walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds.

2) Avoid animal fats. Limit yourself to two portions of dairy product per day and two portions of red meat per week.

3) Avoid over-cooking your food. It is better to cook your food slowly, whether on the barbecue or in the oven. Meat is better for you if not over-cooked.

4) Try to eat at least five portions per day of fruit and vegetables, and do not stick to one variety. Fresh produce depends upon what is in season, with the emphasis on cabbage, citrus fruits, garlic, onion, tomato.

5) Try to eat organic produce, especially those rich in good fat. You should know that the essential xenobiotic carcinogenic molecules are digested in the mouth.

6) The same applies to tea and coffee. Non-organic teas and coffees are produced using a lot of harmful chemicals which are not good for you.

7) Don’t forget to consume good energy drinks while working out. This helps boost the immune system. While undertaking a strict diet it is best not to undertake too much intense physical activity.

8) If you are ill, don’t rush back to into training. If you do, you risk long-term damage to your capacity to synthesise glutamine which is an important part of your immune system

9) It is advisable to consume one or two glasses of red wine per day. Polyphenols in red wine contribute to strong cellular protection.

10) Don’t over-do short-intense workouts which generate lactic acid. This type of workout causes an over-production of free radicals which cannot be countered by the body’s defence system

Depending on your personal medical, physical history, your motivation and diet, I will draw up a nutritional plan to help you achieve your goals. Combined with two weekly workout sessions we will ensure you improve the quality of your health and wellbeing.
If you stick to the plan you will see an improvement within two months.

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