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10 Yoga Stretches for Your Daily Routine

Step 1 of 10 Start with Pelvic Til Some days, it’s just not possible to put in a full hour and a half of yoga. But most days will allow for this 10- to 15-minute sequence that stretches the back, hamstrings, and hips, problem areas for many people. Over time, you will see the positive effect these stretches have on your longer practice sessions....

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Why Yoga?

Your time is precious, so why should you spend it doing yoga? You could be doing Zumbaor spinning or Tae Kwan Do. Taking a nap, taking a walk, taking a swim. Actually, those things are all great and you should definitely do them. But you should also do yoga. Here’s ten reasons why. 1. You are stressed Unfortunately, stress and its friends worry and anxiety are problems for many people and have been shown to have an adverse effect on health. Yoga is great for relieving the physical symptoms of stress (even during an anxiety attack) and for introducing the idea of quieting the mind. I have often seen yoga act as a gateway to removing stressful personal or workplace situations from peoples’ lives. Yoga can help you get off the hamster wheel and gain perspective on what’s really important. 2. You can’t touch your toes People tell me all the...

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